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  1. General TRX250R Discussions
    Hey everybody, I have 2 separate 86 trx250r motors that I'm having the same exact issue with and need ur help. I split the cases on both motors and replaced the crank bearings and crank seals on both with all new gaskets and piston and rings. After the motors were all back together and in the...
  2. Wanted
    Looking to buy a good running complete 250R motor 86-89. Stock or built doesn't matter but please no chain wack or stripped drain plug. Message me on here or at 803-230-7606. Cash in hand! Thanks
  3. For Sale
    $3100: FREE radiator + exhaust w/ engine purchase!! $650 DISCOUNT VS. MY LAST POST Free radiator and exhaust, because I need you to buy my engine, and my engine(any big bore) needs these. I'm literally throwing go-fast goodies at you now...what more do you want from me? Cause I swear to god...
  4. Engine and Transmission
    I have a 1987 trx250r thats ported by SCT its 68.5 mm bore with the 86 piston ct mid pipe force v reeds cool head 22cc dome oversize radiator and inline cooler a trx head gasket spacer plate 38mm air striker carb ESR airbox eliminator kit stock crank. Its been checked for vaccum leaks and all...
  5. General TRX250R Discussions
    Can anyone he;p me with a list of year numbers? Looking for all year fram numbers and motor numbers i know there is a lot of numbers an all i am looking for just looking for a base line like 1000000-200000 thanks for help
  6. Engine and Transmission
    Hey i wanted someone else to look at my piston and head to see if you think its detonation or maybe my crank bearings are starting to come apart? I had the motor built by a very well known reputable builder who put in a +4 hot rods crank on 4/10/10 and i have ran it only on 110 race fuel with...
  7. General TRX250R Discussions
    Ok. I just Got my top end rebuilt(new sleeve, piston, seals) i put my motor back in and after about 7-8 kicks it fired right up. But. It still wont idle, i had this problem even before the rebuild. Could this mean there is a air leak? Does my carb. need to be Rebuilt(37mm pj keihin with a...
1-7 of 8 Results