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  1. Wanted
    PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY 250R!!! I have lots of info to help pick out mine from all of the others! (including vin# and pictures) Hello, about 2 years ago I sold my 1986 trx250r to a man named Dave in North Carolina. I sold it because I needed money at the time and asked Dave to let me know if he...
  2. For Sale
    For Sale: Immaculate 250R built from the ground up. It started as a basically stock 1988, then I built this as a project in 2009. I rode it occasionally for about a year after that, never raced. I am posting to see what kind of interest there is and am accepting offers. I don't need to sell...
  3. General TRX250R Discussions
    ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT TO ORDER BEFORE THESE SHIRTS ARE GONE FOREVER! NEXT 2 PEOPLE TO ORDER 2 OR MORE SHIRTS, I WILL REFUND YOUR SHIPPING COSTS THROUGH PAYPAL. Comment done and I will check the order list to verify, and then get your paypal information. Follow the link to order...
  4. MX / SX Racing
    Supp Folks, This is a Cross Country race I did in California. The racing league is called S.O.R.R.A. The track is steep/rocky hill climbs. One lap is 25/30 minutes. Lots of DNF's due to injuries, mech issues, or going off the track. I finished the race in 6th... I race open "C" class against...
1-4 of 4 Results