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  1. Headlight Setup

    I would like to put headlights on my 86 250r. I do a lot of night riding with my friends and spring is right around the corner. I have 2 small rectangular headlights that I have tested and work well. I'm looking for the easiest way to put them on with the cr250 ignition in it. I also have a 12...
  2. 86 trx250r lighting

    alright, so my 86 doesn't currently have a headlight. The wiring is still in place, but no regulator. I am looking at a set of rickey stators or lazer star lights. I want to know if anyone has experience with either of these options and what their input may be. stock steering stem lights are...
  3. FS 88-89 Red oem hood/headlight

    For Sale
    FS OEM red hood/headlight setup for 88-89 trx250r. In great shape with all hardware intact. 125.00 plus shipping. Can text or email pics upon request (not able to get them to load here). Thanks. SOLD!!