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  1. Suggestions
    New to forums this is a first. But I have a 1988 trx250r I am wanting to build a drag bike that I can also ride around. Looking for suggestions as far as big bore kits stroker cranks carburetor swing arm length. I am use to banshees. But I’m wanting build a single cylinder set up thats no one...
  2. For Sale
    hello, Im new to this forum. I do have feed back from ebay and bansheehq ebay- eBay Feedback Profile for diminishindustries bansheehq - te-yez - Good Buyer/Seller - Banshee HQ Forums I bught a Honda 1986 Honda drag 250r 2 years ago. i took her out to the desert twice since than, she is...
  3. Photo & Video
    My first attempt at a video
  4. Engine and Transmission
    I just recieved my 430 puma from led was wondering what sizes motors most people go to, to have a competitive drag bike. And How well u think the 430 will stack up.
1-4 of 4 Results