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  1. Engine and Transmission
    Hello, I need some help. I bought a 250R as by dream quad after 20 years of putting it off. I recently dug into the clutch and I think it may have an 89 clutch with the flat bearing that fits over the rod with a flange. I think I screwed up and put a flat washer between the bearing and the...
  2. For Sale
    So I just bought all brand new clutch equipment for my quad. While rebuilding, I found things wrong with the engine that were going to be more expensive to fix than it would be to just put in a new engine (I found a fully rebuilt 87 500 motor for $600 so im just going to put that in). so heres...
  3. Engine and Transmission
    I want to get your thoughts on this to make sure im not chassing parts. At low gears 1st through 3rd... at 1/2 to WOT the bike boogs or does not have much snap. At gears all gears higher then 3rd no issues. I pulled the clutch basket, I do have the notches or grooves on my basket arms...
  4. Wanted
    I REALLY need the center clutch piece that the clutch plates slide onto. I also need the spring retainer bolts. Please PM me with what you have. Thanks! Nick
1-4 of 4 Results