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  1. No Spark. Cant figure it out. Want to test Stator. Need Help!!!

    Engine and Transmission
    I know it's been posted a million times but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I would like to know exactly how to check the stator, flywheel and pickup because I believe that is the problem. Sorry in advance for such a long post but I'll give you all the details on what I did in case...
  2. Cdi shot?

    Engine and Transmission
    Hey everyone so I e been having issues with spark for a while now. Just finally got a service manual in April and yesterday I finally did all my resistance testing on my ignition components. everything is in spec except for coil wire(blk/y). It doesn't even read on my meter. It's the same...
  3. CDI Compatibility

    Compatibility Info
    Hi all. I've been having a lot of issues trying to get my R running again ever since my CDI went bad. The thing is, my R has an 85 ATC engine in a 1988 frame and looks like the wiring harness was converted to the TRX type since it has the same connector as the 1988 cdi unit. When i ordered a new...