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  1. Won’t start up

    I have a 86’ trx250r I haven’t ran it in a while need some help. I put new Spark plug and the spark plug is getting spark. I cleaned out the carb and cleaned the Jets. Took the fuel tank and air filter off to clear out the lines. By passed the fuel tank by adding a little fuel while kicking...
  2. Methanol Fuel, Does anyone run it? What's the story........?

    Had a cart racing buddy come over last night to shoot the shit, and he was all about Methanol. It's all he runs in his race carts and junior sprint car with a CBR 600cc engine. Everything he said made a lot of sense, in fact it sounded to good to be true. As with anything "too good to be true"...
  3. Help With Carb. Please!?

    Intake and Fuel
    I have a 36mm PJ With a 190main and a 42 pilot. Im running 32:1 with Yamalube 2r at the coast. I have my air screw 2 turns out. and i have messed with the idle. it has been just cleaned out with carb cleaner and it still wont IDLE. Anyone Know What Could Be The Problem? I just got a fresh top...
  4. I have a couple questions! Please help! ?????

    Ok. I just Got my top end rebuilt(new sleeve, piston, seals) i put my motor back in and after about 7-8 kicks it fired right up. But. It still wont idle, i had this problem even before the rebuild. Could this mean there is a air leak? Does my carb. need to be Rebuilt(37mm pj keihin with a...