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  1. General TRX250R Discussions
    I'm buying an 88 frame and was wondering what issues I will have stripping down my 87 and putting everything on the 88 frame? Any and all advice, knowledge, and help is appreciated as I have never done this. I'm worried about what all won't fit or matchup on this new frame. Thanks for any input...
  2. Wanted
    Hey all.. First I would like to say I greatly appreciate the concept and people who make this forum possible. I've came here many times to get answers or check out peoples project quads for idea's or just inspiration.. I used my tax money this year to get a trx 250r its a 86' and I paid 1300$...
  3. General TRX250R Discussions
    From this picture u can see the problem i have on my hands. I would Really appreciate it if someone has a good deal on a usable top end. Im out of a job and can't afford to spend 300$ to rebuild it. Please And Thankyou! Tison.
1-3 of 3 Results