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big bore

  1. FS: 2004 CT Racing 373cc Rotax Powervalve Stroker Engine w/ '01 CR Ignition

    For Sale
    $3100: FREE radiator + exhaust w/ engine purchase!! $650 DISCOUNT VS. MY LAST POST Free radiator and exhaust, because I need you to buy my engine, and my engine(any big bore) needs these. I'm literally throwing go-fast goodies at you now...what more do you want from me? Cause I swear to god...
  2. duncan pc2000 340pv motor? HELP

    Engine and Transmission
    Hello everyone! Just picked up a 2005 paul turner pc 2000 340 powervalve cylinder. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could find a piston rather than going through duncan. Does anyone know who manufactures their pistons? I was also wondering if it is necessary to run an aftermarket ignition...
  3. 310 kit advise ? New user !!!!!!

    I want to buy a 310 kit probaly from ESR, because they are so afordable. I know not everyone is a fan of ESR, I dont want to get in to that. I just purchased a 39mm Mikuni carb from ebay for this project. I really want to know if i need to get a bigger intake and boot. Any advise for performance...
  4. Puma 431: Friend of Foe?

    So I am planning my next build and have yet to purchase anything or really become set in stone on what I want. I do know what I want it for though, I want to build a bike that is only to be ridden on the sand and I want it to have massive power. Originally I was thinking that a 330 would be a...
  5. Please help head spitting antefreez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Engine and Transmission
    Hello guys and gals hopeing to find help i got a 86 trx 250r with esr 330 kit cool head,I replaced the orings 3 times now thinking i put them in wrong but after the 3rd try still getting antefreez spitting out the exhaust not a lot just enough to see on the case below the exhaust flange, it is...