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  1. 87 cr500r engine in 87 trx250r frame

    Compatibility Info
    So while tearing apart my enigne i noticed a hole in the case and some other things that wouldnt be worth fixing because someone offered me a fully rebuilt 500 engine for $600. i was wondering if anyone can tell me how hard this is to do. thanks, nick
  2. My 500R

    Project Quads
    I have been wanting to build one of these things forever and now it has finally materialized! One of my good friend's (willd200x) from helped me out a tun on this build, he did the frame work and helped me out with some other things also so i owe a huge thanks to him.. I used a 85...
  3. Another what size carb should i run thread..

    Engine and Transmission
    So i am building a atc500R with a 1986 cr500 motor and would like to know what size carb would work good on this engine.. Currently it is running a stock PJ series carb.. I havent been inside the motor so i don't know the extent of the internal work, however what i do know is that it has been...