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  1. Engine and Transmission
    When i got to the dunes i ran my quad and it wouldn't idle without giving it gas. While i was riding around the dunes my quad would bog at random times. You would be in 3rd gear on the power band, then all of the sudden it would start bogging. After about an hour of riding, my quad started to...
  2. General TRX250R Discussions
    I want to buy a 310 kit probaly from ESR, because they are so afordable. I know not everyone is a fan of ESR, I dont want to get in to that. I just purchased a 39mm Mikuni carb from ebay for this project. I really want to know if i need to get a bigger intake and boot. Any advise for performance...
  3. Engine and Transmission
    So I just got my bike back from the shop (top end rebuild) and the top head gasket leaks water when I get it it good and warmed up! When I took it back to the shop he said "it has no head gasket because he was unable to find the correct size" so he just put copper gasket maker in place of...
1-3 of 3 Results