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  1. ATC250R
    Hey guys, Recently picked up an 85 250r and I’m totally new to these. had a question about this rear swing arm. Not sure of the brand or anything but I’m thinking it’s aftermarket but missing this bolt in the center of the carrier. What does it do? And can i just replace it with a regular 8mm...
  2. Engine and Transmission
    Hey guys, I'm stumped. My 250r starts right up and idles but once it gets to the powerband point in the RPM range it sputters (no backfire). History: -Fresh top end installed a week ago (correctly) -Bottom end installed 2 years ago (had the same problem) -New wire harness and stator installed...
  3. Wanted
  4. For Sale
    For Sale: Immaculate 250R built from the ground up. It started as a basically stock 1988, then I built this as a project in 2009. I rode it occasionally for about a year after that, never raced. I am posting to see what kind of interest there is and am accepting offers. I don't need to sell...
  5. Wanted
    anyone near around or in southern michigan that wants to trade their 250r, preferably a 88 or 89 for a 2005 TRX450r? hell if you have a conversion kit ill just buy an engine!!!! 450s arent my thing! 2005 450r honda 2 hours on a brand new crank bearing with crank, (2006-2009 update kit) 14.5-1...
  6. For Sale
    I am selling legacy case savers...for trx250r. $8 plus shipping each. Or 2 for $12 These are brand new. If you give me a good offer I'll probably accept it. If you have any questions comment or text me. 7173758000
  7. For Sale
    SOLD Up for sale is a 1988 Honda TRX250R. *ESR 330 top end kit including pipe, carb, air filter etc. Unreal power. Changable dome in head but race fuel in there now. *Lone Star A-Arms. *PEP Shocks. *New Seat Foam and Jet Trim cover *Factory plastic (trimmed front) one small repair on rear...
  8. Engine and Transmission
    Hello, I need some help. I bought a 250R as by dream quad after 20 years of putting it off. I recently dug into the clutch and I think it may have an 89 clutch with the flat bearing that fits over the rod with a flange. I think I screwed up and put a flat washer between the bearing and the...
  9. Engine and Transmission
    Hi guys, I'm looking for some help on a strange issue I'm having. I just got my trx rebuilt and I'm having an issue with my powerband. The bike hits powerband and sound good, but there's no power. It sounds like it ripping, feels like the tires could have no traction but they do. I thought...
  10. For Sale
    hello, Im new to this forum. I do have feed back from ebay and bansheehq ebay- eBay Feedback Profile for diminishindustries bansheehq - te-yez - Good Buyer/Seller - Banshee HQ Forums I bught a Honda 1986 Honda drag 250r 2 years ago. i took her out to the desert twice since than, she is...
  11. Wanted
    Hey guys im looking for the following for my 1986 250R trike: - FMF fatty pipe - Mint gas tank - OEM kill switch w/ lights switches - Pro taper ATV mid handle bars - rear bead locks - Aftermarket rear shock - Black front wheel Feel free to call or txt 203.994.5786 Thanks, Roy
  12. For Sale
    2001 lonestar, 350 stroker motor, axis shocks, beadlocks, need sell ASAP asking $3900 give me a call @ 740-542-9927 can send pics
  13. Photo & Video
    Supp Folks, Here are some pix and video link of my 1987 Honda TRX 250r. Its built for CrossCountry style riding. Check out the video, this is from last weekend. I have a XC race in a couple weeks. Wish me luck, its in Northern CA. I'm Sure Im going to be the only 2smoker there. Thanks
  14. For Sale
    Selling my 86 250. Nothing crazy done to the motor, was set up for alcohol but switched back to race fuel. 205psi in the cylinder has trx11 drag pipe with dual stage powder coat on frame a arms hubs and little things. Crazy bottom end takes my 370 250 out of the hole. I got this bike for the...
  15. General TRX250R Discussions
    My Brother has a 250R and I'm thinking of getting a 450R. How do they compare?
  16. Engine and Transmission
    I have a 1986 trx 250r with a fmf gold series pipe, mikuni carb, ported and polished. My dad picked this bike as a surprise and didn't test ride it. He has very little knowledge on atvs... anyways hopped on it and it refuses to rev out the whole way and hit power band. What are some things...
  17. Photo & Video
    "NEW" 1988 Honda TRX 250R Hey everybody! So I am new to this site and decided that I should probably join now that I'm back in the "game" The other day I was able to pick up a 1988 Honda Fourtrax 250R from another member of this site and 3wheelerworld. The quad is very very clean and all...
  18. Intake and Fuel
    So i recently went out and got a 1987 Honda 250r Four-wheeler with a 310 kit ESR and i ride on the coast. The guy i bought the bike from just had the whole engine rebuilt with the 310 kit added along with the rebuilding. So i took it out on the first ride in the dunes of Oregon where i ride, I...
  19. General TRX250R Discussions
    I want to buy a 310 kit probaly from ESR, because they are so afordable. I know not everyone is a fan of ESR, I dont want to get in to that. I just purchased a 39mm Mikuni carb from ebay for this project. I really want to know if i need to get a bigger intake and boot. Any advise for performance...
  20. For Sale
    fully built trx 330 ct kit ...everthing including frame ls located in soon 4500.00 5303391869 1986 Honda Trx250r
1-20 of 25 Results