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  1. Compatibility Info
    Okay, so i was wondering if a 04- 07 trx450r bumper would fit to my 88 trx250r, the bumper i want to put on is a dg bumper, not sure if that helps or not
  2. General TRX250R Discussions
    I'm buying an 88 frame and was wondering what issues I will have stripping down my 87 and putting everything on the 88 frame? Any and all advice, knowledge, and help is appreciated as I have never done this. I'm worried about what all won't fit or matchup on this new frame. Thanks for any input...
  3. Suspension, Chassis, and Braking
    Hello everyone, I am in need of an 88-89 frame. Used is ok, but can't have any current or repaired cracks. The frame i currently have in my bike was cracked and repaired incorrectly sometime before I purchased the bike. The frame cracks in a new location almost every time I ride it. Does anyone...
  4. Photo & Video
    "NEW" 1988 Honda TRX 250R Hey everybody! So I am new to this site and decided that I should probably join now that I'm back in the "game" The other day I was able to pick up a 1988 Honda Fourtrax 250R from another member of this site and 3wheelerworld. The quad is very very clean and all...
1-4 of 4 Results