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Site News

News in this section will be posted to the front page. Only Administrators may start new threads in this section.
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New Member Introductions

Introduce yourself here.
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Talk about anything you want here!
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Photo & Video

Post your photos and videos here.
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Project Quads

Post pics and info of your project here.
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Quad of the month

Quad of the month contest here!
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Magazine Scans

Want to step back in time? check this out!
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Have comments and suggestions for the site? Please let us know how we can improve!
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TRX250R Performance

Compatibility Info

Wondering what parts fit from other atv's such as the TRX450R? find out here! Also post up you findings.
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Engine and Transmission

Having problems? or questions? discuss them here.
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Suspension, Chassis, and Braking

Upgrading or tuning suspension, Need help adjusting caster/camber? This is where to ask.
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Intake and Fuel

Need help adjusting that carb? or are you wondering what airbox setup to run. Ask here.
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Wheels and Tires

Need help with tire or wheel selection? Wondering what size to run for your type of riding? this is the place for it.
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Changing graphics, or trimming plastic to get that race ready look? ask here
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Tips and Tricks

Have a how - to article? Post it here!
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Have a question about routine maintenance? post it here.
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TRX250R Service Manual

Click here to download a Free OEM TRX250R Service manual.
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ATC250R Forum


This forum is dedicated to the ATC250R.
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C-Leigh Racing

Ask C-Leigh Racing

Hi performance 2-stroke engine builder!
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Racing and Riding

MX / SX Racing

Discuss Motocross and Supercross style racing here
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XC Racing

Discuss cross country style racing here
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Dune Riding

Enjoy riding those sand dunes? discuss it here
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TT Racing

Discuss flat-track and even ice racing here
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Anyone into freestyle? have some tips on doing some tricks? post it here!
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Drag Racing

How does your R do against other ATV's? post it here
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Hill Climbing

Post up pics and info here about Hill Climbing!!
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The Swap Shop

For Sale

Have parts or a complete Quad for sale? Post it up here!
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Looking for some spare or replacement parts? Post it here!
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General Sales

Got tools or equipment laying around the shop that you need to turn into some cash? Post it up for sale in this section.
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Trader Feedback

Have a good or bad experiance with a seller? Discuss it here. While your at it leave some feedback about the transaction.
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Vendor Deals

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Upgrades, mods and repairs at POWERSPORTSiD
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