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Thread: Rebuilding White Power shocks will consume your time and maybe wallet?

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    WP = White Power.
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    Hi guys. I have got a few of these shocks. What i can tell you is that ALL the parts you need to rebuild them are all still available from KTM/WP, well they were around 2010-2011 and i see no reason why they wont be now.. I have all the part numbers, all the information, the dimensions, spec sheets, damping etc etc. Even if you cant seem to get the genuine WP parts easily, all the bits are available from bearing/seal shops even though the shafts are 12.40mm. The crazy thing is they used a 12.70mm wiper, 12.50mm DU bush and a 12.00mm seal. They call the seal 12.40 but i measured the ID of a new one tonight and it measures around 11.80mm so i'd say its a common 12mm one and the same seal as what is in the Ohlins twinshock seal heads. its a common 'stepseal' eg Turcon 'Stepseal 2K' from Trelleborg Seals, or a Hallite R16 or 716SPN I will do my best to put a full parts list on here with details. It will take me several days or a week to get it all organized properly. I will probably do a spreadsheet and attach it here if i can. There were sveral generations of the WP shocks for the TRX too. Once you have all the part numbers its a simple matter of ordering them from a KTM dealer or a decent WP dealer. I always find it best to get the parts from WP Germany as they could get the parts from the factory in Austria. At the moment i definitely have an over supply of the wiper seals. I got a few 100 of the exact seal used by WP and i got them from the manufactuer 'Eriks Seals' who supplies WP. i got them through Eriks Seals in USA and they got them in from Eriks in Holland. It was a special order. The way i worked out that they were Eriks brand wiper seals was because i removed one and i could see the name and size of 12.7mm written on the wiper. You need some proper tools to disassemble the seal cap and get the DU bush , wiper and o-ring out. i can a special bullet made made up with a lip on it that would press out the bushing and wiper. These shocks were always sold without springs and you were to use the original 4 wheelers front springs.

    There is a rebuild kit available for these shocks and the part number is R301. Its available from KTM but probably a special order. Not many dealers stock it outside of europe.
    Don't pay too much attention to this price because KTM AU are a rip off.

    This kit only has the bare minimum parts and does not include the reservoir parts, compression adjuster parts, mounting eye seals etc but usually all that can be got from a seal shop anyway.
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    I had a bit of trouble logging on but i am back now. Here is a bit of info

    Most of the parts for the White Power shock are still available, well sort of. KTM/WP seem to have discontinued some of the 12.40mm parts (shafts are 12.40mm) although the parts actually appear to be off the shelf parts from a bearing/seal shop. Try and order them as genuine KTM parts. USA probably has no stock, you would have to try Europe. back in 2009-10 there was heaps of stock around of these shock parts and they were still made in Austria.
    These are the KTM/WP part numbers

    R301 - shock rebuild kit (I am pretty sure the kit is NLA now but you may find some old stock and most parts should be available individually) – the kit contains…..

    3612.0060 Dust seal 12.7x18x3-4.5 - this is originally manufactured by Eriks Seals and is also available through Eriks. Yes the ID is 12.7mm even though shaft is 12.40mm

    3612.0063 O-ring N.B.R. 14.1 x 1.6 - inside body cap above dust seal

    3612.0040 Piston ring 8 x 1 x108.3

    3612.0523S DU-bush adaptor+Du-bush d12.4 - contains the next 2 parts below (the assembly 3612.0523S is what is in the kit)

    3612.0523 DU-bush adaptor d12.5x14.5x8.7

    3612.0463 DU-bush d12.5xd14.5x8.7 - the specs say the DU bush is actually 12.50mm so this makes me think a
    KYB/Showa DU bush could be used.

    3612.0064 - O-ring N.B.R. 29.74x 3.53 - body cap o-ring

    3612.0061 Oil seal d12.4 - i have measured the ID of the seal and its under 12mm. This makes me believe the oil seal is a common 12mm one, probably same as what Ohlins use which is a Trelleborg Stepseal 2K. Hallite also do this profile. Check out Hallite R16 seal and 716SPN seals. Sometimes WP supplied this seal as just the seal and sometimes they would supply it with below o-ring that sites around it

    3612.0464 O-ring Viton 15.55x 2.62

    Here are some other parts

    3612.0190 Rebound rubber H7 - originally these shocks were fitted with the below o-ring as a rebound rubber instead
    3612.0065 O-ring N.B.R. 20 x 6 reb.rub
    4054.0037 O-ring N.B.R. 38 x2 - O-ring between body tube and top mount
    4054.0037 O-ring N.B.R. 38 x2 - O-ring between reservoir and top mount
    4681.0022 Piston ring 3.9 x 1.5x124 - on reservoir floating piston
    3612.0466 O-ring Viton 32 x 5 - on floating piston
    4681.0020 O-ring N.B.R. 32 x 5 - on reservoir cap
    3612.0073 Heim joint GE12DO - common 12 x 22mm heim bearing you can get from bearing shops. Also same as Ohlins twinshocks (later built WP's will have the 15 x 25 KGW heim joint which is expensive to buy as a WP/KTM part but All Balls, Moose, Pivot Works etc have aftermarket ones.
    3612.0074 Heim joint housing - steel sleeve around heim joint (only on early shocks with the 22mm OD heim joint)
    3612.0066 O-ring N.B.R. 14 x 3 - heim joint seals
    4054.0015 Circlip 38x1.5 - inside shock body
    4681.0025 Circlip 45x1.75 - above reservoir cap
    4681.0019 Circlip 45x1.5 - below reservoir cap
    4681.0223 O-ring Viton 3.7 x 1.6 – o-ring inside lower end of shock shaft
    4681.0225 O-ring N.B.R. 30 x 2 - o-ring at top and bottom of rebound adj.knob
    4681.0226 Pin d3x35 - pin for rebound adjust knob
    4681.0234 Lock washer SW25 - hold on rebound adjust knob
    4681.0333 Ball-Steel d4.75 - under compression adj. knob
    4681.0332 Spring d4.8 Adj.knob CC Mech. - under compression adju. knob
    4681.0336 Slotted spring pin d2x8 - in top of compression mech
    4681.0335 Set screw M5x10 - holds on compression adj. knob
    4681.1024 O-ring NBR 18 x 2 - on the compression knob (i recommend changing this to a 2.2mm cross section o-ring though as the stock one just not seem thick enough and allows gunk to bypass the knob and collect on top of the adjuster and then rust the top of the adjuster.
    4681.1024 O-ring NBR 18 x 2 - on top of the compression adjuster
    4681.0338 O-ring NBR 18 x 1.6 - on bottom of compression adjuster

    This is most of any other parts you will ever likely need. I may have missed something though. There is an option to upgrade to the newer 90’s valving piston and shim set up which is still available and i have the damping specs for that. They use a more modern piston and plain shims without holes which is the type WP phased out in late 80’s.

    There are also parts in the shocks and some parts vary as these shocks were built from 86 up to late 90’s and they were constantly updated so its hard to provide a list for all these shocks as they did vary. However if you have parts in yours that are different to items above I will still have the part numbers/sizes.

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    1 vote for sticky. That's a lot of good info

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    Ive been thinking about these shocks some more. If you are ok with the expense of new shafts, you can upgrade to 14mm by getting some custom made. That way you can get away from this mixture of 12.4/12.5/12.0/12.7 that they used in these shocks and then you can use the screw in seal cap and seal/bush holder straight out of the 2000's KTM50 and 65 which are still readily available as spare parts from KTM. The main seal is just a viton quad ring that can be bought from any seal place. The dust seal appears to be specifically made for WP by Eriks but it should be along time before it gets discontinued as many full size KTM's used this up to mid 2000's roughly. The other option is to machine out your stock seal cap and seal holder to pre 90 14mm sepcs (i have orignal 14mm parts for dimension reference) and make them use the pre 91 4681 parts which are not special and are 14mm. This was actually what WP did anyway in the first 14mm twinshocks before going to the current stuff that the little KTM minis still use. The wiper seal is not quite as good though as the one in KTM 50/65 and the newer KTM's. If you are DIY guy with lathe you can cut and machine down 14mm shafts out of 4681 WP single shocks off husky/ktm/ATK/Cagiva etc to use them in the 3612 twinshocks too but you need to know which ones to look for and are long enough in the stroke. You also need to hope they have good chrome or else it will probably be cheaper to get whole new shafts made. I have all the specs on all the WP's made for ATV's so if you need any help let me know. If you got any old WP front shocks or parts you want to sell i will be interested to take them off your hands too.
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