2 2008 TRX 250 EX's...."exact" same symptom
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    2 2008 TRX 250 EX's...."exact" same symptom

    I have 2 2008 TRX 250 EX's which hadnt been ridden in 2 years. Each have the exact same symptoms. I replaced the batteries, drained / replaced fuel & cleaned carbs. The starter button made no noise whatsoever (no solenoid "click"). However, I got started by jumping solenoid. I did replace the solenoid, but still no sound from starter button. Now...neither are showing me a neutral light, although one of them used to start up, even without the light (had to be in neutral though). I suspect there is something in the neutral check that is preventing the start, but looking for troubleshooting ideas.

    Ronnie B

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    you are on the right path. need to figure out where that neutral sensor is and see if you can get it to work.
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