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    My name is Axel I'm from cannonfalls, Mn been riding over 25 years started out on a yz80 when I was 8years old then I had a 1985 honda 250es bigred then a 1989 yz125 then a 1989 rm250 then a 199- Suzuki LT500R sold that for my first street bike 1200 Honda hurricane then got into racing pro mod mud truck.
    Retired now I just bought my 1988 Honda trx250R with all the mods it was used its whole life for racing up till three years ago when the owner crashed rebuilt the engine 30 over and parked it.
    I now have it running since it had not been started after rebuilding motor.
    Starts amazing but has a stutter or booge down on wot...
    Which I think I have finally figured out but have to take out today to make sure...
    Hoping to learn alot from this group and I will fair warn everyone now I love to ask alot of HOW COME'S I found it's how I learn the best by asking alot of questions and detailed questions..
    So please don't be offended when I ask but I LOVE KNOWLEDGE..
    Knowledge is power and I believe that the only dumb question is the one never asked before you blew it up LOL.
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    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately the traffic on here has slowed down over the years, probably due to competing facebook sites. But unlike facebook, there is a lot of information stored in the various sections. With facebook it's only the conversation of the moment--nothing gets preserved. So do a search and have fun.
    1982 ATC 250R
    1984 ATC 250R
    1986 ATC 250R
    1988 TRX 250R
    1989 TRX 250R

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    Welcome. Yes this forum and the other has died out. There's a few of us still logging on though.

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    ashtabula ohio
    welcome from ohio.like theothers said slower but still the diehards here willing to help.

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    IMO TRX250R.NET is the Home of 250R's; an absolute wealth of knowledge can be found here on this site, like no other, the very 'Best' are here...:-)

    Search or ask questions as needed...!


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    Welcome to the board. I'm more familiar at glamisdunes.com just wanted to put it out there to you I've sold my 250R and have a complete transmission all the hard Parts shift Forks gears
    Also have some miscellaneous parts stator, I'll have to get some pictures if you want to send me a DM direct message to [email protected] make sure to put in the remarks section info regarding 250R parts and transmission I'll be able to send you all the pictures of all the parts and components that I have they fit in a box and I'll be able to ship it insured from US Post Office I had collected spare parts that were in great condition The mechanic that maintain the bike for me looked at all the parts prior to me buying them and also have the CDI ignition system factory Honda, my mechanic said that he spare CDI has the best timing curve of the ones that Honda had built. all the parts are Factory Honda
    I have got all kinds of little stuff anyways if you're interested shoot me a direct message and I'll do a response. I'll get all the photos and specs I have them all them all boxed and cataloged in my computer.
    Again welcome to the board the 250R are awesome mine was an 87 had that one and when it was sold I got it crated up and shifted it to a gentleman over in Missouri got top top dollar on that one 4800 bucks and it was completely stock I don't build the stuff the only thing we changed out was the K&N Pro filt'r Aries have a great night my name is Don


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