Picked up another Sparks pipe yesterday from a local that overheard us talking about our 250r's. Guy didn't know much about it, (thought it was a pro circuit pipe) but I figured I'd check it out. so I showed up expecting a beat up old pipe (which honestly I still would have eagerly taken) but what I ended up with instead was a super nice Curtis Sparks hi rev pipe. (I'm still in shock) At first glance I thought it was a TT, but once I got my hands on it the tag read HR, I thought I was fairly knowledgeable on Curtis Sparks parts but apparently not because I didn't even know this pipe existed lol so what's the scoop on these? Performance details, how they relate to the TT pipe, when did he make them etc. I absolutely love nostalgic 250r info, so hit me with everything ya got, about not only this pipe but any Curtis Sparks / 250r history in general. Keep the past alive fellas