Im baffled with my R
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    Im baffled with my R

    Compression gauge read 145-150psi of compression. I know that's low but the head gasket was good the piston and cylinder have no wear at all. Top end had about 15 hours on it. What gives, am i missing something.
    Stock cylinder with only a clean up port
    Stock head with stock gasket
    67mm wiseco piston in it
    Everything looks good so i dont know why itd be so low.

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    Hold the throttle wide open when you kick it. Check with more than one gauge to verify the gauge is good and doesn't have any leaks. Check your reeds. Also a leakdown test will tell you if you are leaking out a main, base, head or intake gasket.

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    With the setup as you described, and if using the thick OEM 3 piece metal gasket or even the old fiber gasket; 145-150 lbs compression after 15 hours is possibly normal. No matter if you hold the throttle open and kick till eternity it will not get any better.

    Normal compression can be as low as 165 lbs, after 15 hours it can drop 10-15 lbs, specially if the ring gap was set high or already came with a larger gap >.015".



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