Advice on crank/piston combo
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    Advice on crank/piston combo

    I have been talking to as many people as I can, talked to CT and ESR, a bunch of guys on facebook that seem to have knowledge of these engines, but I seem to get alot of conflicting info. I bought a basketcase 86 but the motor is 88/89 cases, 87 cylinder bored 1.00mm over and mild porting with a new hotrods short crank and 86 piston. I ordered an OEM core crank to rebuild and was gonna go long rod. Most people are saying that hot rods cranks are ok but coming away from the 450 scene, no one has anything nice to say about hot rods and especially wiseco. So what do I do? ESR says I should just stick with the short rod crank and 86 piston. I was kinda settled on long rod and 88/89 piston for longevity. Then there is also the combo of long rod, 86 piston and spacer plate. Whats everyones thoughts?

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    Obviously you been getting conflicting information on a topic that is really simply to answer. It all comes down to what you expect out of the engine and performance package.

    Long vs short rod, stroker or stock stroke...are you looking for low end torque, mid range power or a quick reeving top end performer? MX, Duner, Woods, TT, ST or Drag or...?

    Wiseco Crankshafts are Junk-period. Newer HotRods are good, use them all the time on stock and High end builds with NO issues...stock stroke OEM cranksfats are still the 'Best' IMO.

    It's all about combinations, matched setups and a properly built engine.



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