1988 stock rebuild kit top and bottom
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    1988 stock rebuild kit top and bottom

    What are some brands/websites that’s sell good reliable and not super duper expensive full top and bottom end rebuild kits for an 1988 trx 250r

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    ebay is your best source..

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    Are you talking hard parts or just gaskets and seals. I've never seen a "complete" rebuild kit. I've seen piston kits with piston, wrist pin, upper rod bearing, and rings, and gaskets. Also bottom end seal kits. Crank bearings are separate. Maybe you can go right to Honda and get a "complete" rebuild kit. Don't know. What i would do is put a 86 piston in there with a spacer plate. Lot more oversize piston options with a 86. Long rod engines only have oversize up to 68 mm i think. 86 you can go all the way to 69mm or so. I guess if your careful you can go to 72 mm with a stock cylinder. Wiseco, Wossner, Pro-x all good choices as far as pistons go. Get 8 ball crank bearings if your going that far Best use oem Honda crank bearings. Dont know if Honda makes 8 ball bearings. I'm using KOYO 8 ball bearings. No issues so far. But i've got only 10 hrs. on the crank bearings
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