Got my cylinder back today
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    Hey guys I just got my cylinder back today and plan on putting it together tomorrow. It's really cold here and we have about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground, It's supposed to warm up in the 40's by the weekend. What I was wondering is should I wait till it warms up and melts some of the snow to break in my motor or would it hurt to do it with it being like 26* outside? What are some things you guys recomend doing during break in. I plan on starting with 2 or 3 heat cycles with it ideling for about 10 min then a couple easy rides( till i run about 1-2 tank through it) varying rpm's. THen after about the 2nd tank let her rip.

    I aslo have a couple more questions. Before I rebuilt it, it seemed to be leaking cooliant. You can't see anywhere that it's leaking on the floor or anything so I'm thinking one of the waterpump seals is bad and it's leaking into my cases. What does it soung lke to you guys? One last question, it's jetted for warmer weather. SHould I rejet for the colder weather before I break it in or after? Thanks for any and all advice guys!

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    sounds like your "break in" is about right ..altho I would consider (if you haven't already)checking the trans oil for any signs of coolant before you get started...if any coolant in oil,it does have a bad w/pump seal ..
    also was there any signs of coolant in the cylinder or on plug before the rebuild?..if any coolant it maybe had a bad head gasket ..
    for break in I would consider going up at least size on main jet ...
    also be sure to use plenty of 2 stroke oil on parts/cylinder /piston while assembling it
    & have a few plugs on hand in case they become fouled at start up ..
    better to foul plugs than ruin a new top end

    keep the radiator cap off the first time or 2 to make sure you have coolant moving /flowing in the system ..& see if when you rev the motor the coolant moves
    a lil faster & slows when you let off throttle

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