Rad Valve vs. VForce vs. Stock cage with top-end Boyesenpetals
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Thread: Rad Valve vs. VForce vs. Stock cage with top-end Boyesenpetals

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    Rad Valve vs. VForce vs. Stock cage with top-end Boyesenpetals

    Wondering if anyone has had experience with any of the 3 regarding Top-End HP...I run a 370 with an AirStryker punched out to 41.5 in an ATC and a Stock cage with Top-End reeds. Lots of people talk about the different results with the Rad and Vforce, but for hillshooting, what have been the results in the top-end power realm?
    Don't care much about low end. I know the Rad and V increase velocity, but intake volume at the reed cage it's what's important to me...I've been using the OEM cage with Boyesen .020 single petal and it runs very well, but I hear a lot about the Rad and Vforce...so any experience you'd like to share would be welcomed...thanks guys...

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    vforce 3 reeds and cage is the best mid top rad valve is good for low mid,and stock with reeds is the lowset...so go with the vforce
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    I have tried 3 types of reed valves for all my trx and atc 250R’s riding at dunes.
    First one I tried was Carbon tech reeds good reeds over stock and I purchased high tension reeds for top end. Good for beginning user.
    Second was Boyesen Rad valve this one I did not purchase but was givin too me to use or try for my application good over stock feels kinda like stock not much more.
    Last but not least VForce 3 reed valve. Little pricey but all my bikes have them. Best reed for my riding applications at glamis. Never had any issues with any of my vforce reeds. Not a hill shooter but good for my ridingthroughout glamis.
    I don’t have any Dyno numbers to prove between all 3 but my choice is
    (1) VForce 3
    (2) Carbon Tech HT
    (3) Boyesen Rad Valve

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    I have run most of the different ones over the years, and I have settled on Vforce 3 for the most part. My only complaint is I do replace carbon petals alot more than the other designs. But they work well, and It may have more to do with my specific engine combinations why i eat petals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aztecgwynn View Post
    (1) VForce 3
    (2) Carbon Tech HT
    (3) Boyesen Rad Valve
    ^^ Agreed.
    Although, I’m running ESR reeds on a 350. Very happy with the performance. Eddie does list these for up to 350cc. Would be interesting to know, if another 20cc would effect the durability.

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    I'm doing esr reeds the 2012 for my drag 310. I ran vf3 on it and it ran fine with em.

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    VForce3's...use a reed spacer plate, 3/8" to 1/2" to minimize CF reed pedal damage, if you don't you will be replacing reeds a lot more often...!


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    The RAD valve is great but I think it will choke your 370, especially on the top end. I have a RAD valve on my ATC 250R (stock displacement) and it works great, better than the V-Force. It has better throttle response and pulls better on the bottom end. I wanted to test the RAD valve on my Duncan 340 thinking it might be an improvement over the V-Force I was running--it wasn't. It choked the motor on the top end too much. The restrictive design on the RAD works great smaller displacement motors, probably 250 to 310, but no bigger unless all you're concerned about is bottom end grunt.
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