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So with the lighted stator you still can’t run that to the stock headlight as I understand, no one really explained the issue but just said you can’t.. so I’m still a bit confused on the subject
Yes, you can run a light limited to 35W...I am against running anything except the OEM Honda Stator. All the aftermarket CR125R, CR250R or CR500R Lighted Stators are Junk IMO...very poor Chinese or Taiwanese quality that fail quickly, and burns out your IGN stator Coil as well.

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I run a ballistic battery setup with CR ignition and it works great. LED head light and tail light. The battery is very small and easily mounted under the nose.
IMO the Best way to go, one that we use at BDT Motorsports with success.

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I know I know, this has been posted many times. But to the best of my ability I can not locate a post clearly stating the best way to run a cr250 ignition while still maintaining the stock on off switch and headlight. Can someone link me to a good post explaining how you can run everything with original hardware? Or even just a good explanation right here would be awesome.
Looking to install a 01 setup with a lighted stator so far.
You can't run lights with an OEM Honda CR250R IGN. The Honda OEM Stator has NO Lighting Coil(s), only IGN Coils. The best option per above is a Ballistic Battery, or even just a battery. IMO leave the Honda OEM electrical components in place & alone, they are the very best quality, providing the most reliability.

Perform a search...this topic has been discussed multiple times.