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Thread: Bdt wurks intake system atc & trx250r

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    Led intakes for $225.00 are all stainless, so they can be easily polished. With more competition now maybe someone will step up and make something bad ass with a air box.
    It goes fast over bumps too

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    Lol at this thread.
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    I ran this new intake last weekend at lake Elsinore. It got me a holeshot and a win in my heat race and a win in the main. The 1st thing you notice is the bike runs a little more crispier and you will need to slightly fatten things up.

    In a nutshell, I liked it and noticed a difference.
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    That Intake would lower Intake velocity usually that means less throttle response, when we raced snowmobiles we would put bigger carbs on a smaller engine and we would loose throttle response due to Intake velocity going down but the top end would be better with the extra fuel/air which Is ok for drag racing. I could see a larger bigbore like a saber benefiting from a large Intake like that but I bet the throttle response will change with It Installed. I think Carlos needs to tone it down a bit, Its ok to sell your products but he needs to be a little more respectful of others. I think if he deflates his ego a little it would go a long way,
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    The nelson ones are only single chromed not triple chromed.

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    What's next Wurk's pegs and kicker? Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by bholzgen View Post
    Carlos you are really good at copying other peoples designs! First it was Nelson's exhaust hangars, now its LED's intake? Wow...
    I dont understand the fuck are you talking about... there isnt 10 way to make a fucking intake sheet metal... YES they may look the same if you dont look close.... .. . . . copying ? no. more like that he cant just make one with pure gold sheet and wobly twist xd... its a fucking almost straight cone made with 10 buck sheet metal welded together... of course they gonna look similar...

    now if carlos is making similar part, well why not,,,, that will bring the cost down , i mean there is like 100 brand of aftermarket pipe and lot look same design... aint noone bashing after fmf ?.... the more producer we have the more choice and low price we get !
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    Quote Originally Posted by huskydave View Post
    The nelson ones are only single chromed not triple chromed.
    I don't believe they are chromed at all.
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    BDT WURKS Intake system:

    The BDT WURKS intake is a 'trumpet' curvature design, with varying curveture and NOT a series of straight sectioned cones welded together resulting in multiple' choppy' sections. Just like our BDT WURKS pipes, variable curvatures, fusion welded (no welding rod used) yield increased performance over 'choppy' or straight sectioned designs.

    Why? Just like ANY 'trumpet' type musical instrument, smooth variable or progressive curvatures (with NO welding rod 'slag') create the least amount of turbulance, and increase resonance with less loss of; improved flow. A quick example is velocity intakes, carburetor bell shapes, airflow orificies, ect....all are made up from smooth curvatures, and not straight 'choppy' sections.

    I stand behind my original post & observation that straight sectioned taper 'choppy' designs do not yield the results expected, and straight tube intakes, under 5 degrees offer better performance. This is NOT the case for smooth variable curvature intakes like the BDT WURKS Intake.

    For our 250R application, smooth variable curvature intakes equate to increased flow, reduced intake turbulance and an overall performance gain across the complete power curve Innovative? NO....high performance Racingengines have been using variable curved intakes long before any Quad, Motorcycle or ATC ever hit the market, this is nothing new. Quite a few manufactures offer curved intake systems for all types of motorsport applications....What we did at BDT is take proven wave, airflow and fluid engineering combined with our BDT WURKS pipe technology, and Dyno time to develop a superior intake system.

    To recap the advantages of the BDT WURKS Intake system:

    'Trumpet' variable curvature design; superior resonance & wave speed

    Tuned Length for each application (Woods, MX, TT, Duner, ect...)

    Fusion Welded; NO welding rod used, smooth internal curvature with minimal turbulance

    Increased flow over 'choppy' or straight sectioned designs

    Thinner Guage Steel; 33% lighter weight than competative Stainless or Steel designs

    One design size fits both ATC & TRX 250R 85-89 models Fits with Center Mount Pipe and Standard Mount Designs

    Available in Triple Chrome, Semi-Gloss Black, and Raw

    Genuine K&N Airfilter...NO cheap inport imitations

    Hand Made in the USA at BDT by Kenny Roberts

    Over time designs evolve, new ideas emerge and a new & "better mouse trap" is developed. In the future we will see improvents made in all facets of motorsports by different manufactures, intakes included. For now the BDT WURKS Intake system is an excellent option for MX, Duner, TT, Woods (dry conditions only), and the 'Weekend Warrior'....for true Drag applications, BDT offers our straight tube designs as well.

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