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    R I P DnB_racing

    its a sad day my good friend Barry aka DnB_racing has passed away. His son called me today at 3:00 to let me know. He died of a heart problem. for thoese of you who did not know Barry his time was devoted 100 % to his son and daughter. I met Barry 25 years ago he lived in a neighborhood that i had moved into. he had a warrior that had been stolen from him and it was returned by the police 2 weeks later. 1 week later he sold it to me for $ 300. it was my first atv.
    I fell in love with it and thought it was bad ass. ( little did i know ) A few weeks later Barry bought a 250r. he let me ride it and i was like wow this is different. But my warrior was the king to me. i then rented property next door to him and we were neighbors and friends. Barry did not ride the 250r that much. he sold it pretty quick and bought a 300 ex and a wolverine brand new. i added to my collection a suzuki lt 230 and a suzuki 160 we did a fair amount of riding together. He was bringing up a new born and a toddler and soon after i was a dad too. our kids played together when they were young.
    I then purchased a home and moved out of the neighborhood. Our friendship had waviered and we were at odds for some time. Now years later One day i walked into a diner and bam there i was face to face with him. I asked how he was doing and we sat down and recosiled our differences. we traded # "s and soon we were on a path to a new friendship.
    I asked him if he was still riding and he sais yeah i got a honds 450. i was like whats that ??????. He laughed and said that he rides at the pitts with his son. so i pull the old warrior out of storage and i meet him at the pits and seen and heard that 450 and fell in love with the idea of a bigger HP bike.
    weeks later i showed up with a brand new 09 kfx 450. he then helped me unleash the power in that bike. he was smokeing me with his riding skills and HP and he knew how to drag race. 2 mounths later i show up at his door with an 02 banshee. it was my first 2 stroke. we rode just a few time with the honda and the banshee. One night he calls me up and says what are you doing i was like errr ahhh nothing he says lets go street riding. i could tell he had tipped a few back and i was talking him down then he said that it would be a good chance to see what the banshee could do it a drag race no the streets.
    that was it off we went here we are on the tar reving our motors. it was a 1 2 3 boom i poped the clutch in 2nd gear straight up wheelie and took him on the start my heart was in my throat. a couple of gears trying to get the front down and he blew by me i chased him through a few streets we speed back to quickly load them on the truck we got off our bikes rolling in laughter. Barry wide eyed looked at me and said i did not know you could wheelie like that i said iden't either. there are many more stories as i bonded with him as a good friend i only have a few now 1 less. he introduced me to a 250r he was in the hunt for about 4 years ago i soon followed now i am hooked. i was with him about 3 weeks ago i showed him my progress on my filp seat he praised my work and said he doughted he would be able to finnish his bike this year. When his son contacted me he talked about his dads bike and asked for assistance. As he wanted to dedicate and finnish the build for him. I told him i would support him. He said Barry's wish was to be creamated and scattered about in a field. I said after you do that ltes fire up that 250r and roost right throught it he started laughing and said my dad would like that.
    His services will be on friday i will miss my friend. the tears came down as i type this as well as the laughter and smiles.
    with a heavy heart i say goodby to my friend Barry Mangicotti.
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    VERY sad to hear. RIP

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    wow sad to hear man, I only talked to Barry a few times but he seemed like a really nice guy we had talked about getting together and doing some riding since were both from massachusetts. Wish we could have gotten the chance to do it.. RIP
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    Douglas any parts that I have that can help you with the build for his son they are yours.....let me know....Barry was a class act through and through.....I will be praying for his family

    Jeff Ferrin
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    man that sucks.we have always pmed each other and have talked acouple of times.he was a real class act.it's a sad day..he will be missed.

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    Douglas, I'm very sad to hear that you have lost such a close friend. The community has lost a class act for sure. I literally just talked to Barry two days ago about a wiring harness I had just received for my current build. We went on to discuss his OEM tank contemplation, the weather, and a brief Super Bowl prediction. It's hard to believe that's the last time I'll get to talk with him. He was definitely an all around great guy and will be sadly missed.
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    RIP Barry. You where such a great guy on the forums. We had spoken many times about motors and other things over the years through PM's. I always had the up most respect for him and how he carried himself. He was truley a good guy. I feel terrible for his family, its hard loosing a loved one, but its even harder when its unexpected.
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    Unexpected news and a resulting depressing day. Barry was a true friend, customer, and all around awesome person with a calming voice echoing reason & respect….a real “class act”.

    To say we lost one of our “Best” is an understatement; there are not enough words to convey the loss to his family, friends and acquaintances…it is with a heavy heart that I say I will miss Barry; God be with you my friend…!

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    Rip Barry, I was just chatting with him last week.
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    Whaaaaaat????? OMG how sad is that! Wasn't he just on the board a few days ago? Wow this is such sad news... RIP Barry...

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