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    Jetting Help

    Ok just to get off on the right foot I am no jetting guru but I'm learning...i need some help to get it running its best. I have some jets ordered because i know these can't be the right settings for what has been done. I found a spec sheet on the internet that reads like this for my 86 trx250r

    Carb model number: pj05a
    Venturi diameter: 34mm
    float level: 16mm
    air screw opening: 1 7/8 turns out
    needle clip: 4th groove
    standard main: 150
    slow jet: 48
    idle speed: 1500

    mine on the other hand is this (the way i bought it)

    carb model: pwk 38mm air striker
    air screw opening: 2 turns out
    needle clip: 3rd position reads
    main: 155
    slow jet: 55
    idle speed: unknown
    altitude: 865-1300 average around 1100 above sea level

    i found that my needle reads C.E.G along the top which is a 1 34 taper, 38.15 length, and 66 diameter..when riding it i can do a full throttle run through the gears down pull the plug and its more of a white/ light caramel color and i think that its lean and i don't want to run it lean. When idling you can crack the throttle and its not crisp along with through the gears to top end its not getting a full power band pull but mid range seems like its running good. I am running a 86 model looks like a newer model head maybe 88 with a .030 over bore, port job, v force reeds, drilled air box lid, fmf fatty and silencer, and pwk 38mm...any information leading in the right direction would be i said I'm learning as i go with jetting i know its not correct because the choke has to be turned all the way counter clock wise to idle
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    lower the pilot to a 48 and raise main up to 165 then go from there

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    Leave the needle where it is since it deals with midrange?


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